IX Cushion Polished Signet Ring 14K


Unisex cushion is a classic ring. This elegant classic signet ring is perfect as your statement ring. 

Most often you wore the ring on the little finger, but in today's trend there is no finger that is right or wrong. 

This classic signet is easy to style with other designs. 

The pure look of the cushion signet ring makes it easy to engrave a personal message or motiv. 

In the old days, you always engraved your signet ring to make it completely unique. You can either engrave the ring on the top plate or make an internal engraving.


The ring is made of 14 carat gold. Delivery time is 6-8 weeks when ordering.


Order items: Estimated delivery time may vary, but 6-8 weeks from order date must be estimated.

The item cannot be returned. After ordering, you will be contacted by email to confirm the order.

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